Valves for the Manufacture of Semiconductors

Contaminant-free gas for manufacturing semiconductors

In the field of semiconductors, various high-purity gases are used at each manufacturing stage, e.g. in the formation of oxide film and dry etching and as the ambient gas for single crystal culture. For the manufacturing of super-LSI through hyperfine processing with submicron accuracy, clean stainless-steel valves are used which produce no micro-dust, moisture content or oil. These stainless steel valves greatly enhance product yield.

For Medicine

The use of gases is increasing in such areas of medicine as oxygen inhalation, anesthesia, anesthesia, high pressure oxygen treatment and low-temperature surgery using low-temperature liquefied gas. Neriki`s reliability is indispensable for medical treatment.

For Fire-Extinguisher Equipment

Neriki's fire-extinguisher equipment valves for carbon-dioxide gas and gaseous nitrogen (GN2) are used in the ceiling piping of automatic fire-extinguisher systems in the parking lots of high rise buildings and in fire extinguisher equipment for ships.

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