Name: Neriki Valve Co., Ltd
Established: September 5th, 1930
Capital: ¥96,000,000
President: Norio Daicho
Number of Employees: 175
  • Production and sales of compressed
    gas cylinder valves. JIS approval No.
    570018 of compressed gas cylinder
    valve Registered trademark
    (Register No. 17785)
  • Sales of high-pressure gas cylinders
  • Sales of various kinds of valves
    for plant pluming and tanks
  • Sales of printed circuit board blanking
    (produced by KOSMEC Co., Ltd)
  • Sales of other equipment related to
    the above products
Major Bank:
  • Ikeda Bank, Headquarters
  • Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank,
    Amagasaki Branch
  • UFJ Bank, Amagasaki Branch

September 1930:
Bungo Neriki, the founder, establishes Neriki & Co, as a private concern in Nishiku, Osaka to sell oxygen cylinders and high-pressure gas valve cylinders

April 1932:
Sales of oxygen cylinders is stopped. The manufacturing and sales of valves becomes the principle line of business.

April 1942:
Neriki & Co. move to Miyakojima Ku, Osaka.

Feburay 1952:
Neriki & Co. is reorganised from a private concern into a limited company with a capital of one million yen.

August 1962:
Neriki Company is reorganised as a joint stock company.

November 1963:
Sales are extended into a variety of high-pressure gases, cylinders and other related equipment.

January 1964:
The head office and its attached factory are transferred to Amagasaki City.

May 1970:
The factory is authorised to apply the JIS mark to valves for high-pressure gas cylinders, developed for the first time in Japan. (JIS B 8246)

June 1971:
Mr. Neriki, the president of the company, becomes the chairman of the Japan Cylinder Valve Industry Association. (JCVA)

December 1971:
The name of the company is changed to Neriki Valve Co., Ltd.

March 1972:
Tokyo office is opened.

March 1974:
The company founder, Mr. Neriki, takes the post of chairman of the board and Norio Daicho takes over as president.

May 1975:
Mr. Neriki is decorated with the Fifth Order of Merit in recognition of his long-standing contribution to the industry.

April 1980:
Tsukaguchi Factory is opened.

December 1981:
The company qualifies as a government-authorised business in the high pressure gas class by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry under Qualification No. MA MB41916).

June 1991:
Kobe factory is opened. (At the same time, Tsukaguchi Factory is closed)

September 1994:
Received ISO-9001 DNV Quality Assurance Accreditation

October 1996:

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