An approach from basic research

High pressure gas cylinder valves are said to be close to perfection within the scope of current standards and materials. However, to allow further progress in manufacturing, materials, micro manufacturing and environmental protection, a wider range of purer gases is required. Our research and development department is working to solve the problem of every user, and to design totally new kinds of valves. The basic function of a valve is to safely control the supply of high-pressure gas. Rather then just design parts, our approach is to look at development from the angle of basic research. So sometimes it takes one or two years for the research and development department to obtain results. Valves evolve to meet the needs of the times and the changes in the nature of industry. Examples of this include our stainless-steel valves to maintain the purity of ultra-pure gas, the Uni-Valve which ensures that the inside of a cylinder stays clean through our original built-in check valve, and the Eye-Valve, with its easy-to-read indicator of remaining gas contents.

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