A factory to beat all factories

Our Kobe factory is the newest and larges high pressure gas cylinder valve factory in Japan, boasting the latest facilities and the greatest production capacity. The factory is located in the west of Kobe, in Seishin High-Tech Park, 30 minuets by train or car from the center of the city. It was chosen as the site with the newest research and development facilities and the greatest manufacturing potential to offer our customers what they need. In keeping with the latest developments in manufacturing equipment technology, fully automated production lines are used extensively, along with a high grade clean-room. The Kobe factory is the latest stage in our search for increased manufacturing efficiency and higher quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

NERIKI EUROPE LTD. in Ireland (Opened Oct.1996)


Based on the point of view that our success depends more on our work force then on machines, our facilities are built around the concept of “people”. We are truly aiming to create the “factory to beat all factories.”

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